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Within the efforts of my research activity, I’ve been introduced to this crowdsourcing platform  for sound-designers called AudioDraft. This platform implements the crowdsourcing model in a very lean and straightforward way. For the ones who aren’t familiar with this, this platform brings brands and sound-designers together, through contests to which the crowd applies with sound-design works, from which a final winner is selected and remunerated.

Following some related links, I came to find out that it’s mentor, Tommi Koskinen, takes part in a very interesting band from Helsinki, self assigned as post-indie electronic, with visible nordic influences, that reminded me The Knife, among others.


Apart from this, the owner of the beautiful vocals, Hanna Toivonen is also a music tech entrepreneur, CEO of a company called Mukava Music. This company released a mobile app called clerkd, but it seems that, after peeking at the social media around it, they are aiming for something bigger. It is not very explicit though. I wonder what it is…


… aiming for the next super-duper web app!

I’ve found this great tutorial by Pragmatic Studio on setting up your ROR development environment. The first time I tried to do it, it didn’t quite finished well. But with this walkthrough things went as smoothly as one could wish for.

After everything is set,  Rails creates the whole structure of the app in a flash. Some more resources:

* The Getting Started Guide
* Ruby on Rails Tutorial Book



You have just ended your iOS app development stage, all features are implemented and bugs corrected. Your ready to submit the app for approval.  So what now?

The first thing to do is to create the test procedures. There are some rather extensive recommendations by Apple.Dev on the process, but I have been suggest to use this tool, TestFlight, in order to facilitate the testing process.

Afterwards, you need to create the app record in iTunes Connect, and decide on some attributes of the application. There is this great tutorial at with relevant comments to the process.

  • Default language
  • App Name:
  • SKU: 001
  • BundleID: Mobile Explorer – com.yourcompany.yourapp (can’t change!)
Now, something which really got annoying in what should be a linear process, was the difficulty of changing/renaming/deleting the bundleID. Awkwardly, Apple decided once you submit a BundleID you can’t change it or erase it. Furthermore, if you thing you can create a new one with previous information like the same reverse domain, think again! It is tested for collisions and doesn’t allow repeated values. So think well before you submit you BundleID first time.

So, my first post on the blog regards trademark registration.. Somehow, I would say that would be the least expected of the main axes to start the blog with.

Trademark registration is completed here, at the INPI website, where you can search for already existent trademarks and register your own.

Getting to know the financial costs of each type of registration isn’t that obvious! Still on the lookout, though.