Monthly Archives: December 2013

I guess that one of the most common beginnings for a blog post is “After a several months of inactivity….”. I believe this happens in those moments when life outside the blog is bubbling with action and activity. So it is. Since last Spring that I have entered this spring roll of events and gained such an “elance”, that made it so difficult to document it. Certainly, changing cities, jobs, and basically life, has a lot to do with that. Although I am still feeling totally immersed in this dynamic (and I am enjoying it to the last bit!), I am coming to this moment in which I have the urge to tell something about it, and in that way document it and to possibly have some closure as things go around or away.

In my last post, I was preparing to leave to Vienna, the capital of Music, in order to perform a communication of an article which I have wrote for Vienna Music Business Research Days 2013 conference. It was called the “Disintermediation effects on the music industry. A return to old times?” and it is available at the conference site, right here. The whole trip was kind of magical, given the circumstances in which I went there. I reached Vienna by myself, which was going through a heat wave, with temperatures around 32ºC, and I got to stay in this nice and cozy apartment which I’ve rented with AirBnB. I chose it due to its proximity both the university where the conference was taking place, and the historical city centre. I was welcomed by its owner who was so nice and made me so at ease that I almost felt like home. I was kind of worried at the beginning, being my first time with Airbnb, but I definitely got lucky with this trip.

In the conference, my presentation went so well that I could hardly believe it. I had such an enthusiastic audience, with lots of questions and discussion in the end. One of them was actually Peter Jenner, manager of Pink Floyd and the Clash, with whom I ended up discussing my perspective over the music industry over coffee, at the session break. It was really interesting to see that my progressive perspective and approach resonated with both the new and senior generations that were present. The conference focused mainly on the topic of copyright in music, and had very important lecturers and great moments of discussion. You can read about it here. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in topics regarding the music industry. I also made some good friends there and I really have to thank everyone who was there for the a great time that I had. So thank you Peter and Madeleine Tschmuck, Carsten Winter, Peter Jenner, Joachim Haupt, Lorenz Maxon and Peter Bubstinger. On top of that, and this was the cherry on top of the cake, my paper was awarded with the Young Scholars’ Best Paper Award 2013, which felt really nice ;)

The article published there was actually a byproduct of my master dissertation, which was around the topic of the impact of economic disintermediation in the independent music business. It was still under construction at the time. In the following months after Vienna, I focused on finishing it, which involved interviewing several independent musicians and music professionals at the Portuguese indie music scene. Among them :papercutz, Astroboy, The Poppers, Nuno Saraiva from La Maquina management and Lovers&Lollypops. This implied a hard effort but which I believe that has paid off. At the beginning of September I had the final document written and printed for delivery. At the end of October, I was ready for the defense of my dissertation. I had the disputation with prof. Carsten Winters, invited professor from Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media, and it went very well. I managed to get a Summa Cum Laude, for which I am very proud. I hope to publish a link to its final version real soon ;)