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Last October I presented my paper at Videojogos 2014, Conferência de Ciências e Artes dos Videojogos in Barcelos, Portugal


In this paper I argued that music videogames, given the characteristics of the genre, may constitute an alternative and viable approach to music and audiovisual performance. Building on a music performance in 2013, in which I participated and used a videogame as a musical instrument, I analysed some of the aspects that have emerged and support this argument. I contextualised videogames within new media art and provided a brief analysis of the music videogame genre. I also identified some of the latest research efforts concerning conceptual and technical approaches, design features and frameworks that may assist the analysis and development of music video games suitable for performance.

Last year I had a very special and memorable birthday lunch. It was a saturday and I had Phd classes and there was this incredible gathering of people there, between high profile composers, performers, electronic music scientists, interactive artists and my PhD colleagues… Thank you all for the great time!


From left to right: Flo Menezes (composer of maximalist music), André Perrotta (interactive arts), Henrique Portovedo (augmented saxophonist), António Sousa Dias (composer), Samuel Van Ransbeeck (composer), Filipe Jensen (interactive marketing), Sofia Lourenço (virtuoso pianist), Jean-Claude Risset (composer and computer music pioneer), myself and Peter Beyls (algorithmic art pioneer).

Giving my very first lecture in academia about research strategy and methodology design for the Master degree in Music Teaching – Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal. Presented the broad picture of the music industry and its value chain. Focused on the specific research strategy, based on qualitative research and on a multiple case-study around musicians and music professionals.

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